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Welcome to this tiny portal. You searched for the Death Reality website? The known content site of the Death Reality page will be no longer available. Since the split of DR in 2007 there is nothing to post anymore. So feel free to check Michas and Jürgens new progressive death metal band called DELTA CEPHEID. They're working right now on their first album which will be entitled ENTITY. The progress of contacting labels to bring up an early release this year is in the works. So check out the DELTA CEPHEID website, myspace or just this place to stay tuned for further information.

releases of death reality

We thought it would be great if anybody has the chance to buy and download some Death Reality releases. So we set up the three albums for mp3 download. You can get songs at itself or the whole album. Check the prices! It's worth to have an eye on it. If you need some merchstuff like shirts or CDs, feel free to contact Jürgen and ask about! We still have some material in stock!

Bloodprints - Morbid Records 2004

Bloodprints was our first release on eastgerman Label Legend Morbid Records. For recording we went to Soundlodge Studio, again! Under the great engineer Jörg Uken, this album became a great old schooled and even technical death metal album. The cover this time was made by Thomas Westphal from NecromaniacZine. Layout did again Karim Daire! Bloodprints was mastered by Pluto Studios Berlin. This album was released in January 2004 by Morbid Records!

Flesh Still Feeds - Remission Records 2003

The second and most recommended CD of Death Reality. It was recorded at Soundlodge Studio! Produced by DR and Jörg Uken! The cover was made by japanese artist Toshihiro Egawa! Nowadays he became a famous extreme cover artist. He did a lot of shocases of his very intense and detailed paintings! Layout did again Karim Daire! This album was released in January 2003 by Remission Records!

Blasphemous Bleeding - Remission Records 2001

This is our first release! Blasphemous Bleeding was recorded at the Rape Of Harmonies Studios in Triptis by Ralf Müller and Patrick W. Engel. The cover was made by californian artist Mike Fischer, who did a great work. The entire layout was made by Karim Daire ( This album was released in Oktober 2001 by Remission Records!